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Shortly about me

I am in dog sport from 1984 and from begining in the club ZKO Sezemice. Very soon I was intersted in helper’s work and I found it very interesting for me. By the time I became also club dog trainer and now I am also the prezident. Some time I was also the main dog trainer of Czech belgian shepherd club and I was official training helper of Czech national team on FMBB. I am giving seminars and making exams for helpers in our region of Pardubice. There are several helpers who grown up from my „school“ and now they do helper’s work on competitions. I personaly prefere the training work to competitions but I also was doing hleper on world championship qualifications and Czech championships. I still do helper on exams and breeding tests.
I trained several dogs who started on top class competitions such as FCI WC, WUSV, FMBB. Just to name some: GS Quando Wolfeland, Dasty Anny-Mer, Bandy z Písničky, or malinois Indira vom Greifenring, Falcon de Alphaville Bohemia, Barny Marko Gero, Dart Marko Gero, Ford Ba-Ka-Ra, Jim Zlatá Harfa, Bar Ort Bohemia and many others. Now it is young D´Artagnan Lebernsborn or doberman Isména Halit Paša. With most of the dog I also help in training on tracks and obedinece.
I also train my own dogs. In last years it was first of all Master de Alphaville Bohemia, now representing the USA.
My favourit breed is malinois and also most of the dogs in our club is malinois.
I also participate on organizing dog sport events among others I was responsible for protection part on FMBB 2009 in Roudnice nad Labem



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